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Immediate Life Support (ILS) (In-House Only)


Immediate Life Support (ILS) (In-House Only)

Booking details:
Via Learnpro

Max participants:
6 (Minimum 3)

Target audience:
In-House Doctors, medical students, nurses working within CCU, ED, MAU, Galloway Community Hospital, Core Midwives, ANPs

Clinical Skills Room, Education Centre, DGRI

Booking notes:
09:00-16:00 1 Day
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Learning outcomes

The ILS course is run over one day and the course programme consists of one lecture, skill stations and cardiac arrest simulations (i.e. CASTeach), teaching the knowledge and skills to:

  • identify the causes and promote the prevention of cardiopulmonary arrest
  • recognise and treat the deteriorating patient using the ABCDE approach
  • undertake the skills of quality CPR and defibrillation (manual and /or AED) and simple airway manoeuvres
  • utilise non-technical skills to facilitate initial leadership and effective team membership

Pre-course Preparation
The manual is sent to candidates two weeks before the start of the course. Candidates are expected to have prepared for the course by reading the manual.

Assessment and Certification
Assessment is continuous and is guided by the assessment forms provided for each core skill (e.g. initial resuscitation and assessment, and airway management). Successful candidates receive a Resuscitation Council (UK) ILS provider certificate, which is valid for one year. The ILS course is recognised for up to 5 continuing professional development (CPD) points.

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