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Advanced Life Support (ALS)


Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Booking details:
[email protected]

Max participants:
24 - 30 (Costs: £350 External or £250 Internal)

Target audience:
Healthcare professionals who would be expected to apply the skills taught as part of their clinical duties.

Clinical Skills Room, Education Centre, DGRI

Booking notes:
08:00-18:00 2 day course, delivered twice a year, usually May and November
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Learning outcomes

The course programme consists of lectures, workshops, skill stations and cardiac arrest simulations (i.e. CASTeach), teaching the knowledge and skills required to:

  • recognise and treat the deteriorating patient using a structured ABCDE approach
  • deliver standardised CPR in adults
  • manage a cardiac arrest by working with a multidisciplinary team in an emergency situation
  • utilise non-technical skills to facilitate strong team leadership and effective team membership.

Pre-course Preparation
On line learning with pre-course Virtual Learning modules to complete.

Assessment and Certification
Certificated and accredited by the resuscitation council UK.  The ALS course is recognised for up to 10 continuing professional development (CPD) points.
Certificate valid for 4 years

Contact Sarah Kirkpatrick, Senior Resuscitation officer ([email protected]) to request an application form. for more detail

Who is this course suitable for?
The ALS provider course is designed for healthcare professionals who would be expected to apply the skills taught as part of their clinical duties, or to teach them on a regular basis. Appropriate participants include doctors and nurses working in acute care areas (e.g. CAU, ED, CCU, ICU, HDU) or on resuscitation /medical emergency/ICU outreach teams. All applicants must hold a professional healthcare qualification or be in training for a professional healthcare qualification.

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