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2024 Medical Poster Competition PDFs


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1 3rd and 4th Degree Perineal Tears – Two Cycle Audit
2 A Primary Care Based Strategy for Reducing Clinical Testing Error Across Healthcare Settings
3 Are We Following the National Minimal Bloods Retesting Intervals Recommendations on Ward D8
4 Can We Improve Risk Assessment for Anticoagulation in Atrial Fibrillation
5 Countering the Adverse Environmental Effects Due to Improper Disposal of Aerosol Inhalers
6 Do Low Risk Patients Really Require Follow-up After Pulmonary Embolism
7 Do We Still Remember to Introduce Ourselves to Patients
8 Does Bariatric Surgery Prior to TKA for End-stage Osteoarthritis Improve Outcomes in a Morbidly Obese Population – a Meta-Analysis
9 Does Your Patient Really Need Blood Cultures
10 Early vs Late Definitive Fixation of Pelvic Ring Fractures in Polytraumatized Patients
11 Everything is Not Always as it Seems – Discordance Between Cross-sectional Imaging and Pathology. A case Report
12 Getting to the Heart of the Matter – Improving BP Follow Up for Women Attending Menopause Clinic
13 Gloves Are So Last Pandemic – Addressing Non-sterile Glove Overuse in DGRI CCU
14 How Well Are We Managing Hyperglycaemia in Hospitalized Patients in DGRI
15 Hyperkalaemia in Patients Receiving Co-trimoxazole for Complex Infections
16 Implementing Monitoring of Patients on Antipsychotic Medication in Primary Care
17 Improving Allopurinol Urate Lowering Therapy Monitoring for Gout Prophylaxis in Primary care
18 Improving Chronic Disease Management by Introducing a Structured Birthday Recall
19 Location, Location, Location – Improving Safe Drug Suspension Practices for Inpatients
20 Prescribing, Administration and Monitoring Practices of IV Vancomycin
21 Reducing Clotting Screen tests in the CCU at DGRI
22 Retrospective Analysis of Covid-19 Management and Mortality in DGRI
23 Revisiting Outcomes of Cholecysterctomy in an Elderly Population
24 Sepsis QI Project
25 Syncope or Seizure Think DVLA
26 Take a Break! Reducing Missed Breaks for FY1s
27 The Outcome of Single Stage Laparoendoscopic Rendezvous ERCP and Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for Cholecystocholedocolithiasis in a DGH
28 The Secret Life of Statins-Increasing Statin Prescription in Diabetic Patients
29 Trends in Childhood Overweight and Obesity in England from 1995-2019 – Exploring Socioeconomic and Ethnic Inequalities
30 Use of Cholecystectomy to Manage Acute Cholecystitis in High-Risk Patients in a Rural Hospital
31 Weights on HEPMA Audit (WOHA)
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