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Communication Learning


Communication Learning covers a huge number of areas illustrated by the diagram below.


n order to provide training in these areas we offer a variety of opportunities, listed briefly below and in more detail on our Events & Courses Pages.

If you don't see the option you want, please contact us via the form on our Contacts page, or email us at [email protected]  Additionally, if you or your team experience communication issues and you need advice about what to do, the following people are available for discussion in confidence.

Ken DonaldsonMedical Director[email protected]
Ewan BellAssociate Medical Director[email protected]
Alice WilsonNurse Director[email protected]
Ross WarwickPsychologist[email protected]

Courses and Educational Opportunities

Bite Size - Managing Meetings

To encourage participants to explore the different roles often adopted in meetings and understand how to maximise the chances of positive outcomes when groups of people come together.

2 Hours

Bite Size - Managing People

To encourage individuals to focus on the way they relate to others in the workplace, the impact they have on others and how others’ behaviour can influence their own actions.

2 Hours

Bite Size - Managing People in Change and Transition

To provide staff who have supervisory responsibilities with theories, tools and approaches to add to their utility belt of change management that will help them in managing and supporting staff going through change and making the transition into the new.

If you would like to attend please contact s[email protected]   Tel: 01387 244350

1 Session 3 Hours

Bite Size - Managing Time

To encourage attendees to be aware how much influence and control they can have over key factors that impact on activity management.

2 Hours

CBT For General Practitioners

Develop skills to deliver CBT approach within the 10 minute consultation.

Course delivered in multiple sessions over 9 month period.  If interested in the next cohort, contact Associate Advisers.

Communication Challenges for Senior Medical Staff

Development of communication skills related to patient or colleague interactions. Issues such as shared decision making, handling strong emotions, discussing goals of care, complaints, job planning, addressing poor performance in colleagues may be addressed.

2 Days

Consultation Skills for Clinical Staff

Development of patient centred consultation.

2 Days (separated by 4-6 weeks)

Consultation Skills for Paediatric Teams

Development of patient and parent centred consultation.

This is arranged in response to needs in teams dealing with children.

Customer Service

Modules to support the development of customer centred interactions.

1 Session

EC4H Communication Course

Development of communication skills related to patient or colleague interactions.  Options of individual follow-up.

1 Day

Emotion Matters

Emotion Matters. On line modules are available, currently a pilot of supportive sessions to help teams embed the learning from modules in practice is underway.

1 Session

Giving Effective Feedback

Clinical Educator module.  Suitable for anyone who would like to develop skills in giving feedback to learners.

1 Session

GMC Recognition and Approval of Trainers

Suitable for senior doctors wanting to become a trainer or those wishing a refresher.

1 Day

Human Factors

Understand the situations under which humans make errors and the implications in the Health Service.   Candidates will be shown how to improve reliability in the face of human failings and consider tools available to support increased reliability.

2 Full Days

Human Factors Light

Specific areas within the human factors umbrella such as team working, handover, briefing, background to human error can be delivered to requesting groups of clinicians.  This will take place during departmental CPD time etc upon request.  Sessions can be adapted to individual group needs and available time.


Impromptu Clinical Teaching

Suitable for anyone who would like to develop skills in making the most of opportunities to teach.

1 Session

Simulations Skills

Various courses are arranged to meet the needs of the simulation faculty. Please contact Dr Mike Quigley with enquiries.

1 Session

Small Group Teaching

Suitable for anyone who would like to develop skills in teaching small groups of students or staff.

1 Session

Supporting Trainees with Difficulties

These courses are aimed at Consultants and trained GPs, not trainees. Delegates simply need to create an account with the FDA platform ( and register your details (if you have not already done so).

1 Day

Team Working for Teams

Currently we have a limited capacity to deliver team working development support to individual teams, however if this is an area which any team specifically wishes to address we welcome discussion to assess requirements.

1 Day

Values Based Reflective Practice

A method of reflecting on practice using various tools resulting in deeper awareness. Used to support reflection on any aspect of work (or other) relationships.

1 Session

Video Teaching Observations

Participants may offer video clips (10 mins) of an episode of teaching, the group then discusses these in a friendly supportive environment.  Suitable for anyone who would like to improve their teaching skills.

1 Session

Working with Patients who have Communication Impediments

Communication with people who have communication impediments.

1 Session

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